in poser


I have been asked about getting this working on Poser 6. It’s highly unlikely that it would run on the version of Mac OS X that I am running. Lion is providing a few challenges when running Poser Pro 2010.

However, what I do have is an earlier version of the rig that I started working on a while back, and which predates my foray into Python to automate most of the work. This is development stuff, and isn’t as refined as the main Python based system.

What you can downoad here is a version of this prop. Place the Anaglyph folder in Runtime/Libraries/Props. I can not guarantee that it will work in older versions of Poser. It’s supplied here “as is” in the hope that it will be of use to others.

To load, go to Props in Poser and open the Anaglyph folder and apply the prop to your scene. You will get:

The set up will work much like the main system provided here - but you will need to copy settings (focus, f-stop etc.) from the Central Camera to the Left and Right cameras manually. Use the Central Camera as you would the Dolly Camera.

To render - you will have to switch to each camera manually and render.