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This website shows some of my experimental work with anaglyph images - most notably the Red/Blue or Yellow/Blue type of images. I’ve been mostly using Poser as the rendering platform, and have a camera preset that gives me a basis for rendering these images. All this is, of course, a work in progress. Some images may be re-adjusted as I find settings in Photoshop that work better than they currently do. Images are presented in order of creation, with the oldest first.

Red/Blue Image

You will need a standard red/blue pair of glasses to see these images. These are the most popular kind of 3D glasses you can get. Colour reproduction is not great, though I hope I have managed to rescue them with some success in later images, View the images here…


These were handed out for Channel 4’s 3D week in the UK, and the Superbowl in the USA. This is not as popular format as the dark blue lens can make the eyes feel very odd. There is better colour reproductio, though. View the images here…