A website which contains a lot of things that I doodle about with. You’ll like some of it. Other stuff you’ll probably hate.


Stereo Phototography

Proper 3D photos taken by me! Experience these (a stereo viewer recommended) this way…

Ricoh Theta Software

Software that straightens the horizon in photos takes with a Ricoh Theta. If you have a Theta, this is what you need…


A recreation of the a Teletext service, using RSS feeds and Twitter as sources. This uses only web fonts to render the pages - no images have been harmed in the creation of this experience. Return to the 1980s this way…

Teletext Graphics Editor

Something I have used to create the images for the CEEFAX simulation. As it is all text based, I needed a friendly way to build the HTML for it, so this was created. Fiddle with it this way…

Film Errors

Has a friend posted somne crappy image somewhere? Why not add one of those stickers you used to get? Have a go here…

Soup Cans

Random Warhol-esque soup cans. Experience the cans this way…


Spherical photographs taken with a variety of equupment, from SLRs to mobile phones. See them here…


Older stuff this way:


Stupid 3D specs type experiments.

HTML 5 Animated Squirrel

This way…


The Queen’s Golden Jubilee had a fly-by of 50 years of aviation. They flew right over my house. Click to watch this video
(about 4MB - QuickTime required)

Movie Tutorial

April 4 2002 - I had an article published in MacUser showing how to make Animations with iMovie and a digital camera. Suppport files (A blank PAL iMovie file) and some example animations are here.